Safety Tips For Christmas Lights At Home


Poorly installed Christmas lights pose a fire risk which can be easily avoided. Here are our tips for the safe installation and management of your Christmas lights this festive season...

  • Inspect each set of Christmas Lights, old or new, for damage. Return or throw out any set with cracked or broken sockets, frayed or bare wires, or loose connections.
  • Choose only Christmas lights that have been tested and deemed safe by a reputable testing laboratory. This will be noted on the packaging when you buy them.
  • Only use Christmas lights that have fuses in the plugs.
  • Do not overload extension leads and adapters.
  • Only ever hang lights outdoors that are deemed suitable for outdoor use on their packaging.
  • All outdoor electrical decorations should be plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). You can buy portable units for outdoor use, or you can have them permanently installed by an electrician.
  • Secure outside Christmas lights with insulated holders (never use tacks or nails) or run strings of lights through hooks.
  • Never hang Christmas lights on a metal tree. The tree can become charged with electricity and shock someone. The tree can also short out the Christmas lights and cause a fire.
  • Replace bulbs promptly and with the correct type and voltage.
  • Never pull on a string of Christmas lights, it stresses the cords and can lead to fraying. Store Christmas lights loosely wrapped for the same reason.
  • Never leave lights turned on while unattended. Always turn off the lights before you leave the house and when going to bed.

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