Data Cabling


Our team of highly experienced electricians and IT specialists can design, install, repair or upgrade the data cabling in your business to ensure your network is running at optimum speeds.


The Importance of Quality


The structured cabling within your building is a permanent installation which effects every aspect of your business, and that’s why it needs to be installed correctly as it will be relied on far into the future. Your telephones, computers, servers, emails, internet access, Wi-Fi, Security, IP CCTV all depend on it. It is something that you can’t just swap out like you can a server or wireless access point.

We know that a single kink in one or more of these cables could cause the cores within that cable to become folded and narrow, slowing down the data travelling along it. That is why we only work with industry leading data cables and communications technology to ensure that your network will continue to work at optimum speeds into the foreseeable future and prevent any costly down time.


Boost Speeds and Productivity


If you're not entirely happy with the speeds you're getting, or if your network is in need of some upgrades/repairs, allow the team at Martin O'Neill Electrical/Data to have a look at it for you.


Business Expansion


If your business is growing and you need additional networks, we can design a bespoke network to suit the needs of your company and carry out the entire installation.


We can help you every step of the way, from choosing your comms cabinet and patch panel right through to labelling and certification of all data points on the network. We can give you a network that your IT engineers can simply start using straight away.




Our experience in structured cabling means that we can take the comms cabinet within any building and re-organise it. Whether that means replacing old or damaged data points, adding new ones or simply labelling, testing and certifying all cables within a building's network, we guarantee that your IT people will not find issues with your cabling once we've finished.


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